About Us !

I.T. Sector is becoming Heart of every sector of Industry. At present scenario it is touching the both north and south poles of industry world along with social life too. There is no known specie of industry untouched by I .T. sector. From Needle to tall Concrete structures, from Space crafts to Sub Marine everything is facilitated, Boosted and Speeded up by I.T. industry.

Maurya Consultancy Services (M.C.S.) is an I.T. sector company started on the very 1st day of year 2009.

Today M.C.S. is comprised of 4 departments namely Creative, Technical, Marketing and RnD (Research and Development) which is headed by Mr. Sunil Maurya itself. M.C.S. is constantly looking forward to grow exponentially. Generating new concepts and implementing with right prospect and technology is Primary concern of M.C.S. For which M.C.S. is divided into 3 major functional areas:

• Web Services and Online Advertising
• Industry Automation
• Concept Engineering